The True Power of Style


Remember a time you wore something and felt great? It’s hard to put into words that wonderful moment when you look in the mirror and feel empowered and at your best….It’s like your A-ha moment, A moment when you feel you to take on the world

We so frequently use the mirror as a weapon of mass destruction, pointing out things we don’t like, the dark circles under our eyes, the stomach pudge that drives us crazy, the thighs that somehow need to become perfect overnight the list goes on and on. But then that moment comes when you get dressed and feel like an extra in a Beyonce music video Sexy, confident and fearless, your whole mood has been elevated into ensemble empowerment. Your Flaws become flawless, you become confident in what you’re wearing and learn things about yourself that you never knew and you remind yourself that you possess so many more qualities than you realize.

What you wear can be powerful enough to make you feel strong and give you that boost of self-confidence which helps you become more self-assured in many areas of your life, just as wearing clothes that don’t make you feel good, Just imagine spending a day adjusting, tugging and pulling your way into a bad mood. The negative effects of wearing clothes you don’t feel good in can pollute your entire outlook.

The bliss of fashion is universal, everyone deserves to have all the confidence that come from feeling great in clothes. It doesn’t belong to a certain size, body type, age, race, religion or anything else.

Drape yourself in opportunity not oppression. Let your clothes be that reminder that you’re special, you deserve good things and there’s more to yourself that meets the eye.

Fashions may change, but Fashion has always and will always be with us

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