The Must-Have Fall Cardigans

What comes to your mind when you think about Fall? You think of leaves falling from the tree, the colour of the leaves that have turned orange with a hint of golden hue in the air. Halloween is another thing that comes to your mind when you think about Fall. This season indicates the arrival of Winter. It is a period late maturity which is then followed by decline. It is also known as “Sweater Weather”. Take advantage of the view by sipping on some hot cocoa while wearing some of the most comfortable and soft cardigans. 

Front Button Cardigan

The knitting patterns of a front button cardigan makes it easier to mix and match clothes. The style of this cardigan is comfortable, stylish, and pragmatic, which also provides you with warmth. You can either button up your cardigan all the way for a more refined look or keep it open and have it drape over any outfit.

Open Cardigan

Open Cardigans come in various styles, but a common thing that happens to be missing in this type of cardigan are buttons or zips. It also has various styles of necklines and hemlines. They could be draped over the neck and hemline would drape perfectly around your body. You can find such open cardigans at our website. We have open cardigans such as Natalia Cardigan and Camelia Cardigan.

Cropped Cardigan

As the name suggests, this cardigan is cropped in nature and reaches right below the chest region. These cardigans are often made up of materials that are thin and lacy or happen to be made of linen, cashmere, knitted wool and even linen-cotton. A cropped cardigan goes well with a long dress. It could either be a plain or patterned dress.

Long Cardigans

A long cardigan is quite similar to an open cardigan. The length of a long cardigan is often around the knee area and can often have buttons or zips. A long cardigan is a good substitute for your long jackets, and it is also comparatively easier to carry than a jacket

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