Stripes Showdown: Find What Works For You


Stripes are a big trend this spring, so make sure to load up your closet with the crisp and bold style. Depending on your style and stature, you have options. They come in thick, thin, vertical, horizontal, askew and in an array of colors. You can’t go wrong with the classic combo of black and white, but don’t be afraid to have fun with a poppy red or nautical blue. The trick to this trend is picking the right proportions for your body type. Let us give you a quick rundown on the rules!

Thick Stripes

These are best for the ladies out there with some height and our plus sizes beauties. These work best when your body has some stature, as they will not overwhelm you. We here at Style Room 326 love a horizontal stripe in classic black and white. But throw on a vertical stripe top in a simple silhouette and crisp colors and you’re still taking a page from the right style book. This look is great if you want to look bold and in charge.


Ariel Striped Dress – available now at Style Room 326!

Medium Stripes

Medium width stripes can be incredibly versatile and work with almost any body type. They hug the curvy ladies and are subtle enough for anyone with a smaller body frame to wear without looking overwhelming. We think these are the the best option if you are new to rocking this trend.  Have fun with it with a bold silhouette top, dark wash denim and some flats and you’re good to go. No muss, no fuss!

Black & White Striped Draped Back Dress – available at Style Room 326!


Thin Stripes

We find this option work best on our petite and small framed ladies.  This allows for them to wear their stripes without having the stripes wear them! Pinstripes are a great option in a classic navy paired with little pops of red or a statement piece of jewelry. Frankly, we think there is something majorly sophisticated and timeless about this option in the form of a button front shirt or wide leg pair of trousers. Invest in a good piece and you’ll wear it for years to come!


Thin works great on the petite ladies!


Let us know in the comments below! What stripes will you rock this spring?



-Carmen N. Turner


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