Your Style Evolution: Do You Dip Into the Past?

What’s your style evolution story? Remember looking back at old pictures and cringe at the hairstyle you were rocking or your clothing choices of the time? You thought you were so cool but now you wouldn’t touch that look with a ten foot pole! Your style has evolved since then and it can be fun to reminisce. But if you prefer not to stroll down memory lane, with the advent of social media, getting rid of the evidence is not as simple as just tucking away those old photos from prying eyes. That said, maybe instead of having the ghosts of outfits past haunt you, you should use them as a jumping off point as a refresher to continue your style evolution.

We all know that fashion is cyclical (why do you think vintage pieces are so hot?) so being able to bring back a style of sweater or cut of pants that you couldn’t get enough of in the 70s, 80s, 90s or beyond can be exciting. I must admit I was thrilled when bell bottoms resurfaced! Even if it’s not the exact same item, finding an update to an old item is still fun! I mean, what fashion enthusiast would say no to a shopping moment?  Dipping into styles of the past doesn’t have to mean you’re backtracking; some of the best style moments come when you make a little nod to your style roots or pay homage to a retro fashion choice!

And just for fun, here are some celebrity style evolutions  that we all know and love!


Style Evolution

Beyonce is one of the most notable celebrity style evolutions!


Style Evolution

My hands down favorite celeb style evolution – Victoria Beckham!


Style Evolution

The lovely Kate Hudson!

So sound off below on whether or not you revisit your past style choices to get ideas for your continued style evolution!


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